John Kenney, POC Chair / Co-Chair Water and Waste Water

Wade Badger, POC Director
Susan Brewer, POC Director
Andrew Chapman, POC Secretary/ Co-Chair Water and Waste Water
Tony Khouri, POC Director
Peter Larsen, POC Director
Moira Moderelli, POC Director
Rebecca NortheyPOC Co-Chair/ Chair Property & Roads
Ned Oakley, POC Director/ Chair Recreation
Deidre Riou, POC Director
Bob Ronzoni, POC Treasurer      
Jay Sterling, POC Director/ Chair Nominating Committee
Robert Tucker, POC Director/ Chair Legal
Matt Williamson, POC Director
Fred Zorovich, POC Director

Management and Staff Members

Stella Lagudis, General Manager, POC - 631-749-0139 x 109/646-499-0884
Cathy Driscoll, NFCO/POC Administrator - 631-749-0139 x 104
Sam Case, WWTP Operator - 631-749-0139
Mike Martin, POC Maintenance/Utilities - 631-749-0139
John Michalak, POC Maintenance/Utilities - 631-749-0139